About Membership

Membership is open to any woman over 18 years old, living in Riverview or any of its surrounding communities who is interested in the purpose for which the Riverview Woman’s Club was formed.

All members are requested to be active participants by volunteering to be on a committee, by taking charge or assisting with a club fund raiser, by being an ambassador and help to grow the membership or by expressing a desire to take a leadership position.


The Riverview Woman’s Club calendar begins in September and ends in June.  In the months of July and August fun events are planned but no business meetings will be held other than planning meetings by the board for the upcoming year.  Dues are $50 per member and you receive a magnetic name tag with your membership.  Renewal dues are due in the month you joined the previous year(s).

Application and payment may be mailed to our mailing address (not our physical location):

Riverview Woman’s Club
11705 Boyette Rd, #208
Riverview, FL  33569

Or you may email the application to RiverviewWomansClub@gmail.com and make your payment online at www.riverviewwomansclub.org/paypal.


We have many different committees working on different projects throughout the year.  We encourage you to become part of a committee or two!  Email RiverviewWomansClub@gmail.com to indicate your interest.  We can always use committee members for the Scholarship Committee, the Events Committee, the Golf Tournament Committee, the Grant Committee, and more.



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